The Chopist

Australia's best wood splitting and handling tools.

Why Choose Us?

We've been splitting and moving firewood all our lives. We decided to find the best possible tools to make splitting wood as fast, safe, and efficient as possible.

From the popular Fiskars axes to the amazing Leveraxes, we've literally searched the world for the best axes (hint - lots of good ones come from Finland).

Moving wood can be as dangerous as splitting it which is why we're recently sourced the clever German made, American designed Pinch-a-log wood pinchers.

About Us

Dan Todd

store owner

I've got a passion for well made products that do what they are supposed to do, and do it well. As I've aged, I become a bit more aware of the importance of safety and this has become a key part in the products that I've chosen.

I've collected a handful of excellent, safe, and efficient wood splitting tools to make your life as easy and as safe as possible.


The Chopist is an online store. We're based in Brisbane, Queensland.

If you want to check out our products in person, drop us a line and we can make arrangements.


Unit 1, 62 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove, Qld 4059

Store Hours

By appointment.